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"I had noticed my daughter struggling in Reading Comprehension and spoke with her teacher about my options to address the challenge. We agreed that a tutor would be the most effective way to provide her with the additional help she needed. I called Advanced Educational Services and she's excelled ever since."

- Ms. C. Fields, parent of 4th grader

"Our son's teacher noticed that he was having trouble in a few subject areas and the school recommended Advanced Educational Services, LLC for in-home tutoring. We have been working with the tutor during the summer and are looking forward to a great start in the new school year."

-Mr. W. Legendre - parent of 3rd grader

Thank you for giving the Lewis family an opportunity to say how very pleased we are with Advanced Educational Services. AES gives busy families the opportunity for there children to have tutoring services in their home environment. Your service is absolutely awesome, your tutors are the kind of teachers that I wish we had available in our schools everyday. They teach by letting students explore the possibilities and ask countless questions, and then they explain the whys. Our daughter is an excellent student, but she is also a student athlete, therefore her study time has to be used to her best advantage, your service allows that. When other parents ask how does she do it? I gladly give them the number for AES.

When we think about a superior educational service that has the added benefit of being offered in our home environment, I think of AES and highly recommend the service. I can because I have tried some of the other services out there, like Huntington who places a student at a desk and gives them sheet after sheet of busy work with no one readily available to answer questions about how to tackle the difficulty of that day's math or writing assignment from school. Again thank you for offering a great service.

-Charles, Shirleen and Maya Lewis

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