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Our Mission:
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Our Philosophy

Advanced Educational Services, LLC (AES) is dedicated to providing the highest quality tutoring and educational services in our area. Our motto says it all -- at AES, we believe that “Achieving Excellence is the Standard!”

Our Difference

We offer in-home tutorial and parent education programs to help each student reach his or her full potential and develop the skills and self-confidence needed to succeed in all academic subjects.

Our service providers are certified teachers and education professionals with a wealth of experience to serve students from 6-12 in mathematics, science, or in general study skills.

What makes AES truly unique is our customized approach to tutoring. We offer tutorial services in a setting where students feel most comfortable – their own home. And, because each student has a unique learning style – we customize a learning plan based on each client’s needs.

Our Programs

Academic Assistance
Whether it’s a little academic help in one subject or more help in many subjects, our tutors can help your student reach his or her own level of excellence in areas where they are struggling. Customized learning plans developed by a tutor experienced in your specified subject area ensure that your student will receive the best possible assistance for maximum results. To see an example of an individualized tutoring plan, please click here.

Academic Enrichment
For those students who are excelling in their current grade and want more, we offer academic enrichment programs to challenge them to reach even higher levels of academic success. One-on-one, our tutors establish a solid platform at the student's current academic level and gradually build on it with greater levels of difficulty through critical thinking skills and real world application.

Summer Enrichment
Summertime is for family, fun, sun, and vacations. We recommend that in addition to enjoying camps or vacation, students maintain academic proficiency and prepare for the challenges of the next year through summer enrichment programs. The schedule is lighter, but our programs help your student be even better prepared when school begins. Based on the schedule, established by our clients, our one-on-one summer focus begins with a reinforcement of the prior school year. We continue by introducing the content that students will experience in the first quarter of the upcoming school year.

In home tutoring for students grades K-12

Math & Science

Critical Thinking Skills

Study Skills

Our Services

Let AES, LLC assist your child in advancing above the rest.

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